Firstly, we must commend you for your confidence in making that big decision to invest in real estate. It’s a decision that its expectations have gone beyond just buying and selling of properties but acquiring the knowledge, skills and having the determination to start and understand the perks to become a successful real estate investor. 

In this article, we will be sharing 5 mistakes that are commonly made when investing in real estate and also a strategic tip that can help you avoid it all. 

To survive as a real estate investor, you need to determine what strategy you want to take to invest smartly. Here are 4 common questions you should ask yourself before investing in any piece of real estate:

  • Do you want to deal with renters? 
  • Do you want to buy a property, fix it up and sell it quickly?
  • Do you want to buy a property, hold it and wait for the market to increase?
  • Do you want to work smarter by investing in a verified real estate company that handles the investment processes and pays you to return on investments? 

You need to understand that “Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.”  So, after determining the strategy you want to use, the next thing is executing the strategy. Executing a strategy is a step-by-step process and to become successful, here are 5 disastrous mistakes to avoid:

  1. Buying a house and then deciding afterwards what you want to do with it.

Purchase a property and knowing that you own it can be very exciting and you don’t want to lose out on opportunities, especially during hot markets. 

2. Not making relevant research of the property 

Asides from making enquiries about the property, you should also inquire about the area (neighbourhood) in which it is located. After all, 

what good is a nice home if just around the corner is a college frat house known for 

its all-night keg parties? Unless, of course, you’re targeting student renters.

3. Thinking you have it all figured out without needing any professional involvement 

Everyone needs advice sometimes, the strategy that worked for previous properties might not work for the other as the environment varies. If you know any potential expert who can help you give you better insights. 

4. Forgetting that all real estate is local

You need to learn about the local market in order to make purchase decisions that are likely to help you turn a profit. That means drilling down on land values, home values, levels of inventory, supply and demand issues, and more. Developing a feel for these parameters will help you decide whether or not to buy a particular property that comes up for sale.

5. Buying a property at a high price 

It is profitable to buy a property at a lower price and that’s why it’s always advised to consult real estate agents, do prior research, and find out the current price in the locality. 

Going into real estate is great but choosing the wrong real estate agent and buying 

the wrong property can block your capital. At Flapcoop, we help you achieve your real estate goal and guide you through every step of the way in making gains from your 

investments, providing insights on the best deals and making refined research that would help you refrain from committing the above mistakes.

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