Eko Yams is an agricultural project centered on the cultivation of yams in Lagos State (Eko), with the aim of feeding Lagosians with food cultivated and processed in Lagos. It is a project that is structured as a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 2 intervention that aims to achieve "zero hunger" by 2030.
The project is designed and managed by Flap Alausa Multipurpose Co-Operative Society, with a mission to support the United Nation's goal to end hunger, achieve food security, and promote sustainable agriculture – in Lagos State.

Why Lagos? According to a report by the World Economic Forum, Lagos is the biggest metropolitan area in Africa and generates $432.3 billion annually. The Africa Wealth Report 2022, released by Henley & Partners, revealed that the state is currently the fourth wealthiest city in Africa, with a total private wealth of $97 billion.

But there is a huge concern, with an increasing population of 15.4 million people, according to Statista reports, the state is not self-sustainable in terms of agriculture. Lagos state is at the bottom of the agriculture and food  production chart, not only in Nigeria but in Africa, and as La Via Campesina puts it – “a nation (or state) that cannot feed itself is not free.”

Eko Yams is a project that aims to bridge that lacuna through a conscious effort to cultivate millions of yam tubers in Lagos state yearly to feed the seemingly increasing population.

The economics data of yam production in Lagos state, when compared with its population, arable farmland, and consumption, reveals that the state is sitting on a time bomb as regards self-sustainability. The fortunes and prospects of the state are nothing if it cannot feed itself.

Although Lagos State is the smallest state in Nigeria with an area of 3,345 square km, statistics reveal that 56% of lands in Nigeria – including Lagos, are uncultivated, which means that there is enable arable land in the state to carry out agriculture. As a result, there are snippets of agricultural practices in the state, but the production of yam – one of Nigeria's chief staple foods is near zero.

Below, we have highlighted some economics data of Lagos state:

  • Lagos has a population of 15.4 million residents
  • Over 600 people migrate to Lagos State every day
  • An average household in Lagos State consumes 10 tubers of yams monthly
  • The cost of a tuber f yam increased by over 60% between 2021 and 2022
  • Epe, a town in Lagos State has a land mass of 96,500 Hectares – capable of cultivating enough yams to feed Lagos State
  • There are 4.75 million households in Lagos, according to official data
  • Lagos State spends an excess of N5 trillion on food annually
  • Lagos State depends on Benue State – which is 803.3 km away for its yam consumption
  • According to official data, Nigeria produced an estimated 24,534.6 1000 metric tons in 2005. The country currently produces 70–76 percent of the world’s yams, but Lagos state does not contribute to this data.

Eko Yams feeds Lagosians with organic yams cultivated in Lagos at reduced costs to strengthen our entrepreneurial drive in Africa’s leading commercial nerve.

Focus on achieving higher targets and go about your daily duty, while we worry about providing you the best organic yam tubers cultivated in Lagos at an affordable price, that you can consume the best way you like!

The objectives of the Eko Yams Project include, but is not limited to:

  • To support the United Nations to achieve its Sustainable Development Goal 2 to end hunger, achieve food security and promote sustainable agriculture by 2030
  • To support the government of Lagos state and other stakeholders in making Lagos an agricultural hub in Africa
  • To provide a stable food that can make Lagos State self-sustainable
  • To reduce the increasing cost of yams in Lagos State, which is due to transportation and logistics
  • To provide organic yam tubers to the general public
  • To utilize barren lands in our estates and across the state
  • To provide passive rental income on land for subscribers to our estates
  • To provide employment for youths in Lagos State
  • To give people the opportunity to pre-order and purchase yams at current market value for future purposes
  • To provide passive income and investment opportunities for our partners and investors
  • To provide youth empowerment by providing thousands of jobs through direct engagements yearly
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