Frequently Asked Questions

You can get your rental income upfront or at maturity. NB: Upfront interest attract deduction of 10% interest rate on 6 months plan, 15%  interest rate on 12 months, 20% interest rate on 18 months, and 25% interest rate on 24 months  
  • Yes, we allow offline investment for those who may not have the time or luxury to go on the website. You can visit our Head Office to pick up the investment form.
  • For accountability and automation sake, all offline investments will still be logged online. This means we will create an account for you with the details you filled on the form and you can receive an update from there whenever you need to.
Head Office Address: – Plot 5, Bankole Street, Gateway Zone, Magodo phase 1, Lagos
Yes, you can contact us to inform us that you want to roll over your investment.
You can but only to or through FLAP Multipurpose Cooperative.
Yes, your investment can be terminated after the first 3 months. However, this will disallow you from earning the accrued interest on your investment but you will get access to 100% of your funds.
  1. Visit
  2. Click on Agrowise, navigate to AgroLand Vest
  3. Click on your desired plan, input the number of desired units, and click on INVEST NOW
  4. Once you get to the CART page, click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button
  5. Fill in your investment details on the CHECKOUT page
  6. On your right, select which Payment Method you want to use
  7. Click Pay Now or Proceed Now button
  8. Thank you page which will carry your investment details.
  • Pay with your card is for investors who wish to pay with their Atm/Debit Card.
(Your investment will be activated automatically via their option and you will be able to download your CERTIFICATE instantly)
  • Direct Bank Transfer is for investors who wish to pay via direct bank transfer or USSD code.
(Your investment will be put ON HOLD until we confirm your payment)  

Our team of Real Estate Practitioners, legal advisors, financial experts, Agronomist, marketing, and management personnel are driven and tailored to ensure total standard compliance from investment, farming, and management to paying back investors.


All investments proceeds will be paid directly to the investor’s bank account OR by Cheque as provided in the registration form or web portal.
  • After account creation, you are required to fill in your Bank Details and your Next of Kin Details under your profile account.
  • Upon investment maturity, your CAPITAL + ROI will be deposited back into the bank account you provided.
  • Our system is developed to release your funds as at when due.
Do you need to fill in Bank Details? CLICK HERE NOW.  

As a subscriber to our investment plans, you will get a notification mail stating the details of your investment, including – the amount invested, investment plan, maturity date, and ROI Percentage.

You can also monitor your investment on the Agro Land Vest online portal. You will get a notification from us two weeks before the maturity date.