A Cooperative Society Improving The Economy Of Members

A cooperative society is an association of individuals who have voluntarily come together to pursue their economic growth for their benefit. People can come together to form a society for any reason, however, the goal of a cooperative society is to engage in business or economic activities to improve their welfare.

Cooperative societies have transitioned from what was ‘ajo’ and ‘esusu’ in the past to technology-friendly investment and savings platforms. They have proven over the years that they are a key component of economic growth and sustainable development.

Agriculture and real estate investment are the most popular investment opportunities which new generation cooperative societies are focusing on. This is good because investing in agriculture for example has a chain of positive impact- from the return of investment an investor gets to the improved quality of life of the local farmer. Apart from the many benefits of cooperative societies, agricultural investments will help educate people on agriculture and improve the economy in that sector.


  1. Financial Freedom

The nature of cooperatives is geared towards equality and greater social justice, and the cooperative formula was devised to allow both low-income and high-income earners to reap a greater share of economic growth.

FLAP Cooperative also employs the use of technology, economic and financial methods to improve the livelihood of its members. The financial freedom of its members is the greatest objective of any cooperative society and it is achieved by encouraging people to develop a savings culture or to invest in opportunities. One cannot escape poverty without saving or investing to have more than one source of income. At Flap Cooperative, we are committed to improving the economic means of our members by encouraging them to save and invest in their future.

  1. Right Investment

Cooperative societies encouraging individuals to become a member would often make available trusted and safe opportunities. Agriculture is one of the commonest investment opportunities cooperative societies explore; it is not only safe but also very lucrative and would at the same time increase the economic status of local farmers and the economy at large.  Without owning farmland, investing in certain agricultural products such as palm oil, cassava, tomatoes are also a valid means of investing and escaping poverty.

Real estate housing is another important aspect cooperative societies help their members in. One can also either out rightly buy properties or invest in real estate and improve their livelihood with the return on investment. What is more important is that after carrying out appropriate findings, cooperatives find worthy investments and encourage their members to invest and it reduces the risk of a failed investment.

  1. Membership Support

One of the advantages of being a part of a cooperative society is that they provide adequate support for their members. They are usually able to provide not just economic and financial support but also cultural and emotional support for each of their members.

Technology-driven investment and saving platforms can provide this support for their members by leveraging customer service. This customer service should be able to allay fears of members and potential members concerning savings and investments.

FLAP Multipurpose Cooperatives allow people to become members for free with the provision of opportunities in agriculture and real estate because it the only proven way to allow economic growth but also create awareness on both sectors.

FLAP Multipurpose Cooperatives is licensed by the Lagos State Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Cooperatives (LSCS 17428). It is a people venture initiative to assist individuals own, invest and earn from Real Estate and agricultural, and other strategic Assets investments.

We are the leading giants in the palm oil industry with farm plantations located in Okitipupa, Ondo State. Our vision is to become one of the ten of Africa’s biggest Farms and food processing corporations for local and international distribution serving the food and agro supply needs of individuals and industries.

Our goal is to build a sustainable agro-investment platform that will cultivate, empower, finance and off-take, process and distribute agro produce from our large scale farms and our growing network of farmers while we add value to this product to redistribute as household foods or raw materials for industrial consumption to the local and international market while our network of Agroreneurs earns passive income by funding this value chain.

We offer safe investment plans such as PalmOil Vest, AgroLand Vest & Asset Rise. These investment opportunities offer guaranteed returns from 17% – 40%  ROI yearly. Investment is also covered by LeadWay Assurance which covers investor’s capital.

If you would like to become a member, kindly click the JOIN NOW  

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