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Every household of a minimum five persons consume about 96 litres of palm-oil annually while we have 24 branded vegetable oil in the market and each brand contains 75 per cent palm oil.
Food and beverages, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical companies all over world such as PZ Cussons, Unilever, May and Baker and more all use Palm oil in their daily production of innumerable products for domestic and industrial consumption accounting for over 65% demand for Palm oil, Palm kernel oil and other by products of Palm tree farms.

According to CBN, Nigeria needs to produce about 2.5 million metric tons annually estimated at ($20 billion) i.e NGN22 Trillion to meet our local palm oil demand but we produce about 1.3 million metric tonnes internal, leaving a shortfall of 1.2 million metric tonnes (over N60 billion) importation of Palm Oil for domestic and industrial use.
In view of the estimated population in Lagos capped at 50 MILLION residents by the year 2050, the Organization
has further taken initiatives to acquire more land area in the same location to prepare for the residential transition project with the Palmrich Estate project which will ultimately transform our Palm tree Estates with
very good yearly appreciation in value of the land while we also earn passive income from Palm Oil production while waiting for other developments.
Therefore, the introduction of Palmrich Estate phases will cut across three (3) different Geographical locations
including the renowned location, as follows:

  • Own unit of land in Epe, Lagos (fastest developing residential and industrial hub in Africa
    Your unit of land is part of the oil field PalmRich Estate.
  • Sign a contract of sales with Assetrise powered by Flapcoop.
  • The Palm tree setup is done by Assetrise using our expertise and human resources at no extra
    cost from your land purchase.
  • You earn up to 80% profit if you decide to sell back to us in 36 months (3years).
  • You can decide to harvest your Palm trees or rent to Assetrise with a management agreement
    to earn Rental Income Per annum
  • Create minimum of 10,000 hectares over 5 years to create over 12,000 direct and indirect employments
    on the farm and Oil processing mill;
  • To grow a community of over 100,000 Oil Palm Tree Landlords and Agropreneurs with a sustainable
    and profitable model
  1. Palm tree yields the highest edible oil among the other oil crops. It yields tonnes of oil per acre
  2. Palm oil is Traded Internationally, which means it is a profitable and exportable product.
  3. Oil Palm is a hardy crop. It has low pest and disease incident
  4. Farmers can get extra-income by inter-cropping in the pre-bearing period of Palm tree
  5. It provides loads of local and skilled employment
  6. It create financial stability for over 50 years of harvest per anum
  • Low risk farming with an attractive ROI;
  • Real Estate plus Oil Palm tree farming is a Gold Mine Agropreneurship.
  • A strategic passive income as a retirement plan and Trust-fund for dependants;
  • Palm tree yields the highest edible oil among the other oil crops. It yields tonnes of oil per acre
  • Palm oil is Traded Internationally, which means it is a profitable and exportable product.
  • Oil Palm is a hardy crop. It has low pest and disease incident
  • Farmers can get extra-income by inter-cropping in the pre-bearing period of Palm tree
    It provides loads of local and skilled employment
  • It creates financial stability for over 50 years of harvest per annum

Please read these Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) carefully before fully subscribing to the Estate by appending your signature. Your confirmation of subscription by the Company is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms.
These Terms apply to all Clients and successors in title to the said land By signing these terms, you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms
you’re advised against subscribing. The terms are as follows:

1. The Land is free from government acquisition, adverse claim or any form of encumbrance.

2. The legal title to the Land is “Registered Survey”.

3. Upon subscription, you are required to fill in your personal contact details (phone number and email) on your subscription form to enable us give necessary information with respect to your property as against going through your

4. The Company will not be liable for information not received by you as a result of breach of clause 3 above.

5. The only party recognized by the Company in receiving instructions and execution of documents as regards the property is the Client and in the event where the Client intends to delegate that responsibility to a third party, a written instruction either in a letter form or an official email has to be sent to the Company’s official email address before such third party can be recognized.

6. The land in question is designated for Palm Tree farming for the first 30years duration after which it will mature into a residential estate such as can be seen in the current Magodo, Lekki and all other estates which are now selling for millions of naira after maturing to residential from Agriculture.

7. The transaction process flow are as follows:
– Payment for Land
– Contract of Sale/Deed of Agreement
– The Client signs the Contract of Sale/Deed of Agreement and returns a copy to the office
– Payment for Survey and Documentation.
– Issuance of allocation letter after full payment of all consideration sum.
– Collect Deed of Assignment
– Collect Survey

7. The Payment structure for (500sqm) are as follows:
– Outright Payment –Refer to our website for current price or call 07089558775
– Commercial plot and Corner piece attracts an additional 30% charge
– Survey and allocation fee- #300,000 per plot
– Legal Documentation (Deed of Assignment) -#100,000
– Development fees – N400,000 (payable when estate development commences)

8. That all payments will be made through the designated payment channels in favor of AssetRise Limited and under no circumstance shall cash payments be made to any of our officers, agents or staffs.

9. Where you are on a payment plan, after your initial payment, you are expected to pay the balance on monthly basis within the stipulated time frame. Non-payment
of the total as at when due will be treated as a breach of contract which can either result to termination or revocation of Contract.

10. The facilities to be provided by the Company includes the following:
– Perimeter Fencing
– Beautification of the Estate
– Estate Gate House
– Road Network
– Electricity Connection.
– Recreational Facilities.

11. For PalmRich Estate the installment payment can only be spread over 6 months and the land is earmarked for Palm Tree for a period of 30 years.

12. Where you are on a payment plan for an Estate, after completing your land payment, you are expected to Pay the statutory fees within the stipulated time frame.
Non-payment of the Statutory fees as at when due will be regarded as fundamental breach of agreement. Allocation and Statutory Document will only be given to persons who have fully paid their Land and Statutory fees. You can sell your plot if you have paid up on your land. However, consent must be sought from and granted by AssetRise Limited and such consent not unreasonably withheld by the Company.

We would require you to furnish the company with details of the buyer. Provided always that with details of the buyer. Provided always that, where the plot to be sold is undeveloped and has not been maintained by the seller, and the Company has proceeded to keep the Plot  maintained and secured on behalf of the seller, the Company shall be entitled to an additional 15% interest of the appreciation value (that is the difference between purchase price and current price) at the time of sale.

13. AsseRise Limited is the developer and manager of the Estate and farming processes and only AsseRise can subcontract the function of facility management to a third party. Also all amenities installed in the Estate for public
use are owned and managed by Assetrise only.

14. All cash payments should be made in favour of AssetRise /FLAPCOOP designated account number and under no circumstance shall cash payments be made to any of our officers, agents or staffs.

15. For personal or business reasons, no party shall seek for termination of this Agreement herein BEFORE OR ON the period of 3 months from the effective date of this Agreement. However, a party can send a notice of termination to the other party in writing at least 2 months before the date of termination as such the client will loose 45% of the cumulative amount paid in lui of the land purchase.

16. The Company reserves the right to make changes (where necessary) to these terms and conditions to cater for the ever dynamic nature of the real estate

Question: What is PalmRich Estate?
Answer: PalmRich Estate is a unique estate idea conceived by Flapcoop which starts as a palm tress farm and later metamorphose into an exquisite Estate like the Magodo or Vgc Estate of today which started from farm settlements.

Question: Where Is PalmRich Estate Located?
Answer: PalmRich Estate is located in Ketu- Epe. Lagos State

Question: What is the title on the Land?
Answer: Registered Survey/ C of O in progress

Question: Is There Any Encumbrance On The Land?
Answer: The land is free from every known encumbrance and no adverse claimant on the land.

Question: What is the minimum available size of farm land an individual or group can acquire?
Answer: Minimum is 500sqm which forms 1plot.

Question: what is the cost of the land?
Answer: Please refer to our website for the current cost of this land or call 07089558775

Question: What is the security on the land
Answer: Buyers are issues a receipt of payment, a certificate of payment and a deed of agreement
withing 48hours of payment

Question: Are there other charges for the Land?
Answer: Yes, however these not required immediately as farming activities will commence on the land to grow a viable means of income for the buyer

Survey: N300, 000 per plot Development Levy: N400, 000 per plot

Deed of Assignment:
N100, 000 per plot All are required for physical allocation.

Question: Who will manage the Palm tree farms?
Answer: Assetrise has a team of experts in the area of Palmtree farming and palm oil processing who are capable to manage the farm on behalf of the buyer

Question: Will the buyer have to pay for management fees?
Answer: Not for the first 3 years of cultivation, as the palm tree farm will be intercropped with
other crops that can be sold to generate the management fees.

Question: What happens when the Palm trees start fruiting?
Answer: When the Palm Trees start fruiting, Flapcoop and Assetrise will continue to manage
the farm in the area of harvesting, processing and packaging. And a management agreement
will be reached with the owner to arrive at a management fee for Flapcoop.

Question: Can I buy to sell?
Answer: Yes. We have the buy to sell option which fetches the buyer up to 80% profit on their

Question: Do I get a discount for buying much?
Answer: Yes. Buy 10 plots and get one free
Question: Can I pay cash to your Consultant?
Answer: We strongly advise that all payments should be made to:
ASSETRISE LIMITED Account Number: 1017749896
We shall not accept any responsibility for any liability that may arise as a result of deviation from the above instruction.

Question: If I paid outright payment or installment payment for my plot(s) and I’m no longer interested, can I get a refund?
Answer: Yes, Less 45% administration fee. A 3-month period would be allowed to process the payment.

Question: Can I resell my plot(s) or property?
Answer: Yes, But the company has to be duly informed for proper documentation.

Question: Do you have any ethical commitment?
Yes. Where it is  discovered that the purchase of the property or any deposit in fulfillment of a financial obligation under this subscription for and subsequent contract by the Subscriber was made from a proceed of crime or illegal means, the Company shall be  obligated to release the details of such transactions to the appropriate authorities and adhere to further
directives of the regulatory agency and/or law enforcement when required without recourse to the Subscriber. The Subscriber attests that the funds used in the purchase of the property
is not a proceed of crime

Question: What happens if I default on my Payment Plan?
Answer: All payment plans chosen are signed and agreed by the customers. Hence if any customer defaults on a 0-3 months payment plan, such customer will automatically be upgraded to a 0-6 months payment plan which attracts 10% additional Charges. If a customer default on a 0-6 months payment plan, such customer will automatically be upgraded to a 0-12 months payment plan which attracts 20% additional Charges and Customers who defaults on a 0-12 months payment plan without a notification might be refunded.

Question: How will I be assured of my revenue from the land after harvest
Answer: A Rental or Management agreement will be put in place to address cases where the buyer wishes Assetrise to Rent or mange the farm