Premium Monthly Subscription


  • Monthly Subscription
  • 12 Months
  • 25% Returns


Become a member of the fastest-growing community of Asset owners and Agricultural development pioneers as a smarter and safer investor.



  • Earn 25% returns on your monthly subscription/savings for a minimum of one year (on prorate basis)

Example:  Mr. A subscribes 10,000 per month

On prorate basis, Mr. A earns 25% x N10, 000 = N2, 500

N2, 500 X 12 = N30, 000

Mr. A earns N30, 000 per annum on his N10, 000 monthly subscription/savings

One year he gets N150, 000 (savings 120,000 + ROI 30,000)

  • Access to arrays of Community Discount Products directly from (service providers, manufacturers, and major distributors)
  • Customized bank ATM/ACCESS CARD to all FLAPCOOP
  • Access to consumer finance
  • Access to LPO/Project finance
  • Access to (business , education, and housing loans)
  • Training and events
  • Gifts and incentives
  • Earn massive affiliate commission
  • Guaranteed investments portfolios


What can I do with my Customized ATM CARD?

  1. Custom identity with your photograph with FLAPCOOP logo
  2. Perform all payment and deposit functions
  3. Discount purchases at designated (service providers and stores)
  4. Receive all payments from FLAPCOOP such as investment/ROI cash out, loans, commission, and more
  5. Access card to training and events


Membership Subscription/Savings Packages

Subscription        Amount                ROI         TENURE       

Basic                1000-10,000              20%        One year

Premium         10,000-50,000           25%        One year

Advance          50,000 – 100,000      30%        One year


Subscription/investment Security

  • Receipt of payment
  • Certificate of investment
  • Legal document
  • Keyman insurance cover


Target Savings Services


All target savings enjoy all membership subscription/savings services and benefits


  • To terminate savings and cash out, you MUST give 30 working days’ notice and send a request by email
  • If you terminate before Subscription maturity, you will be fined 10% of your total savings


Subscribe today and be on your way to own, invest and earn from Real Estate, Agriculture, and other strategic investments.

  • All terms and conditions on investment apply
  • All privacies and policies remain
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