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Agrowise is an initiative of Flap Multipurpose cooperative society Ltd licensed by the Lagos state Ministry of commerce, industry and cooperatives. It is a people venture initiative to assist individuals own, invest and earn as Agropreneurs.

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Our goal is to build a sustainable agro-investment platform that will cultivate, empower, finance and off-take, process and distribute agro produce from our large scale farms and our growing network of farmers while we add value to this produce to redistribute as household foods or raw materials for industrial consumption to local and international market while our network of Agroreneurs earn passive income by funding this value chain.

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We are insured by LeadWay Assurance. Click Here to Verify. Our investors are guaranteed quality service and 100% delivery on investments with our well-structured management processes and account system having a team of seasoned experts from business development, engineers, investment managers, accountant, lawyers, insurance brokers and more.

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To be one among ten Africa biggest Farms and food processing corporation for local and international distribution serving the food and agro supply needs of individuals and industries.

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To be one among ten Africa biggest Farms and food processing corporation for local and international distribution serving the food and agro supply needs of individuals and industries.

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  • Agro-tech platform for farmers, investors and produce market
  • Large scale Farming
  • Subsistence farming coordination and off taking
  • Food processing, packaging and supply
  • Agro raw materials storage and distribution
  • Agro-training and career development
  • Agro economic piloting and sustainability in Africa

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  • 1000 acres of palm tree plantation
  • 100 acres of plantain plantation
  • 1000 acres of cassava and
  • 1000 acres of maizeand millet mixed farm
  • 50 acres of pepper and vegetable farm
  • Snail farm with 10,000 snails capacity
  • 10,000 bird poultry farm
  • Agro food processing plant
  • 1 out of 10 agro-tech platform in Africa
  • 1000 acres rice farm

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The combined effects of rapid urbanization, population growth and resulting transformations in food demand have had major impacts on the size of the West African food economy and its structure. Using recent expenditure and consumption surveys compiled by the World Bank, the size of the West African food economy is estimated at USD 1 trillion in 2019. This represents 60% of regional GDP, making it the largest sector of theWest African economy. In many countries, the domestic food market is becoming more attractive for farmers than traditional export cash crops. The non-agricultural postharvest activities of the food economy, such as processing, logistics and retail, are developing quickly. These accounts for 40% of the sector’s value added and will continue to expand.

Supporting farmers in satisfying urban demand for staple food (rice, cassava, maize, fruits and vegetables, and meat and fish needs to be complemented by improving the business environment for agro-food businesses in cultivation, processing and distribution by improving the connections between urban areas and their rural hinterlands.

Playing in these field with utmost intentionality in a structured investment, coordination and management by the means of mechanized farming and Agro investment platform is the establishment of Agrowise by FLAPCOOP .

We deal in large scale agricultural production of crop and livestock commodities namely; Palm oil, Cassava, Maize, Vegetables, Tomatoes, Peppers, fish, Pigs, Poultry etc.
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