Yes, your investment can be terminated after the first 3 months. However, this will disallow you from earning the accrued interest on your investment but you will get access to 100% of your funds.
All investments proceeds will be paid directly to the investor’s bank account OR by Cheque as provided in the registration form or web portal.
We have a LeadWay Assurance Farm Property and Produce insurance in place to secure your investment with us.
The minimum amount you can invest is N30,000 at 10,000 PER SLOT. Making a total of three slots.

The minimum investment tenure is 1year with an option to have your ROI paid every 6months or every 12 months until your investment tenure elapses.

Any individual above 18years of age that is seeking a viable investment package can partake of any of these packages. We also have room for farmers and stakeholders in the agriculture value chain.

Available Packages under Agrowis eare  Palm Oil Vest, Palm Kernel Vest and Cassava/Garri Vest.

FLAP (ALAUSA) COOPERATIVE MULTIPURPOSE SOCIETY LIMITED (FLAPCOOP)is a Multipurpose cooperative society licensed in Lagos, Nigeria with membership across Nigeria and beyond.

It is a people venture initiative to assist individuals own, invest and earn from Real Estate, Agricultural and other strategic investments.