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Our Cooperative Project Partnership (CPP) gives opportunity to all our co-operators who wants to buy shares in real estate without getting their hands burnt.


This project fits perfectly into our broader strategy to invest in secured landed properties and fast- developing communities for multi-functional developments.

With the help of our Cooperative partners, we have invested roughly 1.8 billion Naira to acquire 1,000 Acres of Land in Ado-Odo Township, Ota, Ogun State. About 30 minutes’ drive north of the international headquarters of the Winners Chapel (Canaan Land), and Covenant University.

It is also only about 5 Minutes’ drive east from the highly functional Ajilete Military Barracks. We also have plans to acquire an additional 2,000 Acres in the community upon completion of our
designated Estate development projects earmarked for PalmRich Estate and Palm Fortune City
over the course of the year.

At a business development and strategic level, this particular investment fits perfectly into our goal of raising 10,000 asset owners by the end of 2023 alone. Through the development of Palm Fortune City, Africa’s First Premium Tourism City, and PalmRich Estate – One of Africa’s Largest Independent Cooperative-Powered Agricultural Projects, we hope to offer eco-friendly homes that cater for the overall family need and a sustainable alternative to earning passive income.

Learn more about the Palm Fortune City here, and learn more about PalmRich Estate here. The acquisition of the 1,000 Acres of land used to pilot this project was made possible through
the funding of 200 Cooperators. With the partnership of 150 more premium cooperators, we aim to develop the Estates by the last quarter of 2023.

Value Added Strategy
We acquired Real Estate in Communities that have a high potential for appreciating within the next few years. Through a comprehensive survey, data analysis and development metrics calculator, we were able to design tailour-made products that relate to people and groups from different parts of the globe.

  • Risk-return profile: Low
  • Expected Timing for Returns: 2-3 Years for PalmRich Estate and 2-3 Months for Palm Fortune City
  • Expected Source of Returns: Palm Oil and Other By-Products from Oil Palm (PalmRich) and Real Estate Appreciation


Business Plan
Our business plan is anchored on the vision to build Africa’s premium family tourism city, and create an alternative channel for sustainable passive income through strategic palm tree farming
and oil palm tree farming.

The model for achieving this is centred around investments on landed properties and transforming them into Estates that would attract high and middle-class earners across the globe. We anticipate that the Estates will remain competitive, attract prospects, and support growth for the foreseeable future with reduced significant capital needs for renovations.

PalmRich Estates provide investors with a model for strategic land ownership that also offers a sustainable trans-generational passive income through oil palm tree farming.

Palm Fortune City positions itself as an African premium tourism city that provides the perfect ambience for families to relax, interact and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Through our cooperators and partners, we aim to achieve the development of Palm Fortune City and provide 1,000 eco-friendly homes and a 10,000-acre palm tree farm within the next five

Why we Invested?
We have had many people ask us questions about why we chose to invest in Ado-Odo, Ota, Ogun State. Well, here’s why:

  • High Appreciation: The appreciation value of Real Estate in that area has experienced a geometric progression within the last couple of years. Also, the area is prime and is fast becoming a premium location.
  • New Constructions and Developments: The area is experiencing huge developments, and new state-of-the-art construction projects are springing up daily in that area.
  • Neighbourhood: Our estate is situated in a buzzing neighbourhood that makes our model even more attractive. The estate is in the same neighbourhood as Canaan Land, HQ Living Faith Church, Winners Chapel, Covenant University, The Bells University, Agbara, Ota Industrial Layout, Ajilete Military Barracks.
  • High-Demand Property Type: We believe the community is well-positioned for tourism and modern agricultural practices. Palm Fortune City will offer spacious, eco-friendly homes that would be attractive to families across the globe who want the ambience only a tourism city can provide. Also, the oil palm tree model provides investors with an agricultural investment they can depend upon and monitor for the perfect family, work and retirement balance.
  • Fast-Growing Population: Within the last three years, the increase in the population of Ogun State, which currently sits at 6,379,500 people, is an attestation to the development recorded in the state.

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