Our success and track records of partnership on this noble initiative in the past two years has supported our development of over nine estates across three different state in Nigeria. We have acquired and built a new estate “Ìlú Àseyorí” upon completion for the year 2023 with our lofty vision to promote the culture of Positive Thinking and Future Minded Individuals. The demand of our prospective customers across different locations in line with our vision to create more Estates and expand the infrastructural frontiers of this exceptional Project informs our introduction of Estate Development Partnership. EDP is a secured, smart and highly lucrative investment initiative that supports individuals or groups to buy and sell Real Estate (agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial properties) without lifting a finger with a secured Partnership with FLACOOP.

Ìlú Àseyorí is Africa’s Premium City dominated by a Community of Achievers and positive-minded individuals
who aim at purpose pursuit and achievement.
The Estate is a multi-faceted intellectual arena designed for Purpose Driven Individuals, Nation builders, Global
Icons, Innovators, Kings and Queens.
Ìlú Àseyorí is located on Lekki Epe express road, Ilamija Epe Lagos the fastest developing hub with amazing Neighborhood; Directly opposite the New Lagos International Airport, 2 Minutes’ drive to Alaro City, PAN African University and several residential estates.

Parks and garden, Recreational, Hydroponic Centre, Central Mall, Indoor Sport Facilities, Fashion crescent, Science and Agro incubation, Enterprises development Centre, R and D centers.

EDP is that safe investment medium for individuals and organizations who want to earn high returns with
100% safety. It gives you room to invest in Real estate (Lands and Houses) and allow  Flapcoop and partnering
Real Estate company manage the sales and developments of the Estate while you earn without lifting a finger.

We invest in Real Estate in viable and developing locations. All Estate investment are legally verified and documented with Government regulatory agencies and legal backups.

  1. Subscribe to our ongoing projects “ÌLÚ ÀSEYORÍ”
  2. Select a package from N8,000,000
  3. You get a Deed of Agreement collaterizing Units of land investment to you
  4. Receipt of Payment
  5. Post-dated cheque on request or direct transfer to stated account details for payment after sales tenure
  • 8 months – 25% dividend plus your capital at cash out
  • 12 months – 40% dividend plus your capital at cash out.
  • Insurance cover
  • Deed of Agreement/land document
  • Escrow banking
  • Posted Cheque on request

The above value appreciation is 100% Guaranteed by FlapCoop with;

  • Expertise in selecting High Value Developing Communities for Smart Estate Projects development.
  • Development by transforming the land into an Estate sold to prospective buyers.
  • Fintech enabled Project Sales and Technology that allows our customers purchase with payment flexibility.
  • Rapid Estate development to also enhance our Estate project sales and appreciation.
  • Over 3,000 Sales Force and strategic project partners.


Do you have any questions or feedback, please visit our chat with our agent or reach out to us at

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