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  • Real Estate
  • 1 Year Tenure
  • 35% Rental Income
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You can lend credence to the Fact that Real Estate is the safest and surest business with almost Zero Risk if carefully selected, invested and documented.

Real Estate is the safest investment instrument to safeguard your hard earned money against inflation, a reliable wealth creation plan with high value appreciation, a trans-generational asset and Legacy. 

On this time trusted and reliable instrument, FLAPCOOP has created innovative measures to make the Real Estate Aspirations of individuals and Groups achieved with ease of collaboration, management powered by Financial Intelligence technology for Smart Estate Development.

One of such amazing and First of its kind innovation is our;

1. Agrolandvest Project : Land ownership plus Agriculture ( we simply develop large area of land in rapidly developing communities into Estate – residential and commercial, while buyers are waiting for more human movement and development into the community to enable them build for their purpose, FLAPCOOP rent their purchased units of land for Agriculture and pay the buyer 20% rental income per annum ( For more information on AGROLANDVEST..

Our success and proven records of subscribers on this noble initiative in less than one year has supported our development of Five Estates across Four different communities in Nigeria. Our Vision is to create over 100 units of Estates on the AGROLANDVEST PROJECT.

The demand of our prospective customers across different locations and also in line with our Vision to create more Estates to expand this Project informs our introduction of Estate Development Partnership.

Estate Development Partnership is that secured and smart initiative that supports individuals or groups to buy and sell Real Estate (agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial properties) without lifting a finger with a secured partnership with FLAPCOOP.

Estate Development Partnership enables you to invest in Real Estate at ease, you don’t need to bother with the hectic processes and huge amount required to invest in Real Estate.

We simply partner with you to buy and sell lands for Smart Cities and Estate Project developments, while you earn good returns on the value appreciation plus your capital in 12 months or more duration as desired.

Our team of professionals makes all due diligence from acquisition, project execution, accountability to delivery profitable sales to our partners

Land Value appreciation 

  • 35% in 12 months and 15% in 6 months
  • Estate Development Partnership is powered by FlapCoop. Flap Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited licensed by Lagos State Ministry of commerce, trade and cooperative.

Value Appreciation Guarantee

  • The above value appreciation is 100% Guaranteed by FlapCoop with;
  • Expertise in selecting High Value Developing Communities for Smart Estate Projects development
  • Development by transforming the land into an Estate sold to prospective buyers
  • Fintech enabled Project sales and technology that allows our customers purchase with payment flexibility
  • Rapid Estate development to also enhance our Estate project sales and appreciation
  • Over 3,000 Sales Force and strategic project partners

Select your preferred package;

  • Basic        ( Minimum of 1plot)
  • Premium   (minimum of 1 acre)
  • Advance     (minimum of 10 acres)

Product Features and benefits 

  • Up to 35% Return on Investment in 12 months
  • 100% Guarantee on ROI and Capital as land is a capital Asset
  • Make your hard earned money inflation proof with Real Estate
  • Support flexible and affordable Smart Cities and Housing Project
  • Support food security via Agrolandvest Agriculture Project

Funds Security

  • Land titled to the investor and earmarked as collateral for investment
  • Deed of Agreement
  • Partnership Certificate
  • Insurance Cover
  • Post dated Cheque

How it works 

  • Subscriber to any of the plans on Estate Development Partnership
  • Outsource to AgrolandVest Project to sell with a Deed of Agreement
  • Earn 35% return on investment (ROI) on your land plus your capital in 12 months


  • You Subscribe to 10 acres of lands at N20 million and outsource to Agrolandvest Project to sell, we sell and pay you back your N20 million plus 35% (N7million) making a total value of N27million in 12 months.

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