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Land Rental Income

Land Rental Income is an initiative of flap Multipurpose Cooperative Society limited licensed by Lagos state ministry of commerce and industry. The initiative is specifically created to enable investors to acquire arable lands, rent them out for agricultural purposes and get an annual rental income.

  1. Land Rental Income affords you the smartest and most affordable medium of having the joy and attributes associated with land ownership while earning rental income on your land as an investment being used for Agriculture… Crop farming and animal husbandry
  2. It also affords you earning on your land while waiting for developmental activities in that area that will transform the area to an either institutional, residential, commercial, or industrial zone which will impact the value of your land massively.
  3. Select your preferred location for land ownership and land size in units of square meters.

NOTE: Land Rental Income…you own the land while we rent it from you for rental income per annum. You land appreciate over the years and you can decide to sell your land.

Benefits of Land Rental Income

  • Passive income for members
  • Job creation
  • Supports for global food security
  • Preserves and engage Nigeria arable lands for an agricultural estate development
  • The smartest way to future estate ownership
  • National wealth creation


  • Earn up to 40% rental income from your land per annum
  • 100% cashback guarantee if you decide to sell your land.
  • Land ownership

NOTE: Select multiple of the minimum to increase the land size

Investment securities

  • Legal documentations (Deed of agreement))
  • Post-dated cheque for rent income per annum on request
  • Clearly stated terms and conditions
  • Annual land rent 100% guaranteed
  • Land sale for cashback 100% guaranteed with a minimum of 90 days’ notice.


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