AREIN – Agriculture and Real Estate Investment in Nigeria

Agriculture and Real Estate Investment in Nigeria, popularly known as AREIN, is a Retreat, Award, and Luncheon organized annually by FLAP Cooperative to help people understand the real estate potential and its current value of it in Nigeria.

High network individuals who are interested in growing real estate as a business or investing in other Real Estate Businesses. Such people could be seen as Retirees, Businessmen/women, Managers, CEOs, and Decision Makers, or anyone who has financial affluence and are interested in owning Assets.

At this event, we review our success stories. By this, we host intending investors, encourage like minds, appreciate our existing partners and customers who have helped us to makeover 300 landlords, Farm over 100 acres of land, Harvest, and process over 38,000 liters of Palm oil from 130 acres of land.
Flapcoop takes out time to recognize some loyal customers by presenting to them an Award of Recognition and Partnership.
Also, Flapcoop extremely spells out its core, mission, vision, and objectives for customers to look into and make their investment decisions.

You don’t want to miss that avenue where you learn how you could position yourself to scale above the inflation and reveal diverse means of diversifying your investment portfolio as an Investor.
To structure a great way of creating trans-generational wealth via Real Estate and Agricultural investment in Nigeria.

This is why you shouldn’t miss AREIN 2.0.

To attend AREIN 2.0, Register or Call 09060051636

See You There!

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