FLAPCOOP Reveals the Secret of Real Estate and Agriculture at AREIN 2.0

April 9th, 2022, was a remarkable day at Flapcoop that people were excited to have heard the golden secret of real estate and agricultural industries in Nigeria, during the AREIN Event: Retreat Award and Luncheon.

Flap Multipurpose Cooperative Society in Nigeria aims at positioning assets ownership/ investment as a means of wealth, creation, redistribution, and empowerment by solving strategic asset needs like home ownership/housing, Agriculture/food security, and others.

The event recorded the attendance of;
The Executive Director, LSPDC: Rev, Adeola Olusodo;
Area Officer: Lagos State Ministry of commerce industry trade Cooperative: Mrs. Lawal Olabunmi;
HR, Okitipupa Palm Oil PLC: Mr, Kunle Olagunju;
MD Adloyalty, Business Network: Dr. Freeman Osunuga;
Flapcoop Ambassador: Mr. Afeez Oyetoro;
CEO, Klassickweun Properties, Peace Omesue;
Our royal Investors, and other very important High Network Individuals.


What interested people the most were the three sections held; the political party game, an eye-opening discussion on real estate and agriculture, and a panel section that addressed the opportunities in real estate, cooperative, and palm oil trade partnerships.

During the event, the guest speaker Dr. Freeman elaborated on the topic “How to make money from real estate”.

In this, he revealed four aspects of real estate that earn huge returns.

1. Speculating: This aspect of real estate entails buying at a cheaper price and selling off after a few years by this you earn higher because development would have taken place in the community.
2. Rent: This gives room for rental income as long as the land is in use.
3. Property Development: With this you can partner with a group of individuals to buy and develop an underdeveloped property, after which you sell and get a share.
4. Agency: This is the most lucrative aspect of real estate. In this context, an agent serves as a middle man between the ready buyer and ready seller

The panel session was mind-blowing, anchored by Mrs. Olamide Akin-Owolabi who introduced the speakers and kicked off the conversation by asking the panelists a few questions bothering the mind of our customers, which major in Palm Oil Trading and palm tree farming.

The HR, Okitipupa Oil Palm PLC, Mr. Kunle Olagunju took the center stage by answering one of the most pertinent questions: “How do you earn from the Palm Oil and Palm Tree Farming?”

He answered by giving a practical example of his Palm Oil business using statistics.

“We have 10,000 hectares that could be converted to 1.5 million palm trees which have been fruiting for over 50 years. In 2021, a keg of palm oil was sold N8,000 at the peak period, (January-march) and was sold N25,000 in November -December with over 200% profit in one year.”

That was an amazing and informative piece to guide intending investors and Palm Oil Traders in the business.

“In a saying during the panel session, Rev. Adeola Olusodo, a housing expert in the public sector confirmed that the best way to keep your money is in real estate.”

“Omesue, CEO of Klassickwuen emphasized that the best value you can give to anybody is to show them how to buy real estate.”

To wrap up the event, Award was presented to some key partners and investors by Flapcoop Ambassador, Mr. Afeez Oyetoro. These partners and investors were recorded to have been a part of our success story.

Today, you can become a partner at Flap Multipurpose Cooperative Society LTD.

If you miss the event, kindly click the link below to watch the event recap

You can contact us; at 09060051636, 07089558775
Email; flapcoop.@gmail.com
Website; www.flapcoop.com

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