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Assetbanking sets to promote Asset Ownership at AssetRise Ltd, Powered by Flapcoop.

To enable an average Nigerian to save towards owning an asset -properties, either to build, live, rent, sell and as a collateral for loan facility. Assetrise Limited has launched Assetbanking.

AssetBanking Launch

Assetbanking is the right move to becoming a landlord and strategic asset ownership that will guarantee family stability and access to financial support to achieve goals at ease. There is an unequivocal need for Nigerians to begin building a savings culture through this unique model – Assetbanking.

Speaking at the official launch of the innovation, Assetbanking, on Friday, September 2, 2022, Rotimi Ojamamoye, “said there is the need for Nigerians to begin to save on asset ownership, like real estate, to promote financial stability, noting that while saving is a good culture, it is a bad strategy to acquire wealth because over time savings depreciates with inflation, whereas, real estate appreciates with time”.

He said, we have trained and still training Professional Real Estate Consultants who could educate the publics on our unique real estate model and added that the company Assetrise Limited, borne out of desire to see more people become asset owners to create sustainable wealth and passive income, had been giving strategic real estate solutions and other assets while solving strategic socio-economic challenges, such as housing deficit and food insecurity, hence, it’s latest offering, Assetbanking.

Professional Real Estate Consultant

Assetrise Limited is a Real Estate organization powered by a Multipurpose Cooperative Society (Flapcoop). Assetrise is duly registered with LASRERA to practive Real Estate in Lagos state and other parts of Nigeria. It intends to encourage and increase the numbers of House owners / landlords/ estate owners in Nigeria through unique Assetbanking model with Flapcoop.

Flap Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd (Flapcoop) is licensed by the Lagos State Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives (LSCS 17428). It is a people venture initiative to assist individuals own, invest and earn from Real Estate and agricultural and other strategic Assets initiatives. With the latest instrument, members and partners can save, invest, take loans and other financial supports are given to achieve their goals at ease per time.

One of the asset available is the Palmera Crescent Estate. The estate is located at a naturally endowed ambience of comfort and easy access to all basic infrastructural facilities. Palmera Crescent offers sales for a parcel of 500sqmtrs land for just N700,000 with flexible payment plan.

Customers have the option to select from the categories of payment, an outright payment of N700,000 in 3 months, N128,350 per month for 6 months; N70,000 per month for 12months; N40,850 per month for 24 months and N30,000 per month for N36 months. This is what how Assetbanking is to be achieved because the concept of Assetbanking has been put together to provide an escape route.

In furtherance of its commitment towards promoting wealth, Assetrise Limited Launched Palm tree farms in acres across various tropical regions such as Ondo State, Nigeria; where it presently farms 130 plus acres of Palm Tree Estate. With over 10 years’ experience in Palm tree farming and Oil Palm processing and distribution to industrial and domestic consumers across local and international market, the company engage willing and smart investors in the cultivation of Palm trees and setting up of Oil Palm Processing Mills to position Oil Palm as a means of revenue for many across generations, while creating jobs and wealth for individuals, groups and the nation.

PalmRich Estate is an unusual concept of the company’s Land Rental Income initiative designed to encourage individuals or groups to own and earn from high yielding cash crop Estate, while waiting for development in the area that will ultimately transform the Estate to residential Estate over time.

A unit of the company’s land in Epe, Lagos, is part of the oil field PalmRich Estate. After signing a contract of sales with Assetrise powered by Flapcoop, the Palm tree setup is done using expertise and human resources at no extra cost from land purchase.

Investors earn up to 80 per cent profit if they decide to sell back to the company in 36 months. They could also decide to harvest Palm trees or rent to Assetrise with a management agreement to earn Rental Income per annum.

Other benefits of the PalmRich estate includes passive earnings of up to 50 per cent returns per anonum from the Palm tree farm; 70 per cent value appreciation on the land per annum; maximum security of an Estate, among others.

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