AssetBanking: The Safest Escape Route from Poverty.

The rate of poverty in Nigeria is alarming and all measures put in place to tackle it have not provided the desired result. The prevailing lack of shelter, limited access to clean water, food insecurity, lack of access to health care, unemployment and the likes keep increasing on a daily basis. The concept of AssetBanking has been put together to provide an escape route.

Assets are the things that essentially bring value to the future. Assets in Real Estate are physical Buildings, Land, Farms and Estates with security and other investment related assets.

Why AssetBanking?

 AssetBanking is the right move to becoming a landlord and strategic asset ownership that will guarantee family stability and access to financial support to achieve goals at ease. There is an unequivocal need for Nigerians to begin building a savings culture through this unique model –  AssetBanking. 

 AssetBanking enables an average Nigerian not just to save money but to save towards owning an asset/ property either to serve as a collateral for loan facility, or to sell at an appreciated value, or to build. This is because customers with various savings accounts find it difficult to access loans without landed property as a collateral.

Though savings is a good culture, it is a bad strategy for financial stability because your savings depreciates over time with inflation but saving towards Asset Ownership helps you to buy the future cheaply and the best medium to save is to save on Asset ownership like Real Estate in a good and well documented location.

Have you wondered why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?

There is no excuse for poverty. Wealth creation is risky yet remains the secret to predictably building wealth is to find ways you can get higher returns with lower risk. This is what the rich take advantage of when they come across opportunities and 99.9% of the Rich spend time investing in several sources of income as there is no one better way to create wealth.  AssetBanking is a practice that is equivalent to a generational wealth creation.

The Rich

  1. Income Distribution to several sources of income
  2. Invest a good chunk of earnings 
  3. Focus in providing value, making profits 
  4. Leverage debt to make money 
  5. Have Financial Literacy 

The Poor

  1. One source of income 
  2. Spend on liabilities 
  3. Focus on Making Money Instantly 
  4. Use debt to buy liabilities 
  5. Don’t have the time to learn about financial literacy

Most people don’t understand why they struggle financially. This is because they need to understand the difference between assets and liability. Once the understanding is attained, then concentrate your efforts on buying income-generating assets. The rich buy assets. The poor only have expenses while the middle class buy liabilities they think are assets.

Financial struggle is often the result of people working all their lives for someone else. To become financially secure, a person needs to mind their own assets, either business or property. In other words, keep expenses low, reduce liabilities, and diligently build a base of solid assets.

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