Do you know the right gifts to give?

Do you know the right gifts to give?

Gifting is one of the powerful ways of showing love, care and affection to friends, family and loved ones. Gifting is a pure show of love, mostly considered divine and considered by many as an act that must be appreciated.

The Yuletide is upon us once again and in usual fashion the sacredness surrounding the season being the ending of the year puts you in a mood to give, receive and show love. Everyone feels naturally obliged to join the frenzy and you don’t want to be left out.

A challenge then arises, what should be given ? , how should it be given? , who should get what? The decision of getting the right gifts for the right people is a common problem. Mostly you want to give out something unique that will be remembered forever and deciding that special gift for that special someone poses a huge problem.

What about getting a lifelong wealth creating opportunity for yourself as a gift (yes! Don’t forget to treat yourself to gifts for you have done well! and you deserve it) or for your loved ones that would not only be well appreciated but will serve as a tool for wealth stability, creation and asset.

You can purchase a piece of City Ambience our recently launched estate located at Mowe Ofada, Ogun state. City Ambience is an estate for the young, creative , aged or families who are looking at living a comfortable, luxury inspired environment far from the hustle and bustle of Lagos but also near the commercial intensive city… it’s just 40 minutes drive away from the Lagos metropolis.

City Ambience is set to have facilities like parks, gardens, swimming pools, health facilities, good road networks, stable power supply etc is ready for purchase, inspect and instant allocation. This is an opportunity to become an owner or partner at a Novel Real estate idea, one of the very first few in Africa. Click this link to start now!

Want to catch a glimpse of City Ambience as Launched by FLAPCOOP click this  link to see what our Ambience of great minds looks like. 

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