EDP – Estate Development Partnership in Real Estate

Are you interested in investing in Real Estate?

Real Estate is the safest investment that guarantees dependable income and wealth creation for you and your family with assured high returns above depreciation.

You can now own, sell Real Estate and Earn up to 45% profit plus your capital in 12 to 18 months with our Estate Development Partnership.

The demand of our cooperative members and prospective customers across different locations and also in line with our Vision 2050  to create over 100 Estates ( residential, Commercial and Agricultural) as a means to;

  1. Asset ownership for trans-generational wealth creation
  2. Solve housing deficit and Eco-friendly homes
  3. Solve food insecurity
  4. Wealth redistribution via cooperatives housing schemes

Estate Development Partnership is that secured and smart initiative that supports individuals or groups to buy and sell Real Estate (agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial properties) without lifting a finger with a secured partnership with FLAPCOOP.

Estate Development Partnership enables you to invest in Real Estate at ease, you don’t need to bother with the hectic processes and huge amount required to invest in Real Estate.

Our team of professionals makes all due diligence from acquisition, project execution, accountability to delivery profitable sales to our partners.


EDP is that safe investment medium for individuals and organizations who want to earn high returns with 100% safety.

We invest in Real Estate in viable and developing locations. All Estate investment are legally verified and documented with Government regulatory agencies and legal backups.

And guess what? You are 100% in charge

All transactions flow into your account with transparency on Escrow banking model in partnership with our bank- Zenith Bank PLC.


  1. Subscribe to our ongoing projects from chosen locations
  2. Select a package from 1 plot to acres of land or housing units
  3. You can also subscribe to our Buy to Sell Offer without breaking the bank –No escrow banking agreement.


  • 12 months – 35% profit: Your Estate investment will be sold plus 35% profit on your capital at cash out
  • 18 months 45%: Your Estate investment will be sold at 45% profit on your capital at cash out.


Invest N10million in 10 acres of land in Epe, Lagos Nigeria, we develop and sell within 12-18 months and you earn up to 45%  (N14.5 million) at cash out.


Basic                     1 – 5 plots        (strictly on buy to sell agreement)

Premium             1 to 5 acres       (escrow banking agreement)

Advance              5 to 10 acres     (escrow banking agreement)

Executives           10 to 100 acres (escrow banking agreement)


The Big question?

What happens if the Estate didn’t sell as promised?

Don’t worry, you have nothing to lose. With our over 70,000 sales force ( Realtors) across  Nigeria and beyond,  selling  well structured and documented Estates product is as easy as ABC.

You are guaranteed of a 100% buy out from FLAPCOOP at the expiration of your Estate Development Partnership if Estate is not yet sold out. We do this because we have spent so much to add value to the Estate.


Projects are defined and designed per building type and location

Investors can invest in units or whole projects and earn by the defined parameters


  • Insurance cover
  • Deed of Agreement/land document
  • Escrow banking
  • Posted Cheque on request


  • The above value appreciation is 100% Guaranteed by FlapCoop with;
  • Expertise in selecting High Value Developing Communities for Smart Estate Projects development
  • Development by transforming the land into an Estate sold to prospective buyers
  • Fin-tech enabled Project sales and technology that allows our customers purchase with payment flexibility
  • Rapid Estate development to also enhance our Estate project sales and appreciation
  • Over 3,000 Sales Force and strategic project partners


  • Basic        ( Minimum of 1 plot)
  • Premium   (minimum of 1 acre)
  • Advance     (minimum of 10 acres)

For inquiries, visit www.flapcoop.com/edp/ or call 09060051636

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