How to secure your funds against inflation

How To Secure Your Funds & Grow Above Inflation

Inflation And The Nigerian Economy

According to, “Nigeria’s inflation has been higher than the average for African and Sub-Saharan countries for years now, and even exceeded 16 percent in 2017 – and showing no signs of a real significant decrease anytime soon”. 2021 saw an increase in inflation rate from 2020 by 2.26% and this has steadily been on the rise.

Consequently, a typical Nigerian would normally expect a dramatic turn of events in almost any sector as a result of the inflation rate which is also dependent on a number of factors amongst which is the recent dollar hike.

As prepared as we ‘Nigerians’ often seem especially when it comes to accepting and adjusting to whatever is thrown in our paths by the government, a good percentage of us were still caught off guard by the recent hike in the dollar currency. Whilst this may seem beneficial to the growth of the Nigerian economy in some respects such as forcing citizens to look inwards for their needs, it may be damaging in other ways such as wealth building.

As investment and wealth building is the language of the 21st century, people are constantly looking for ways to achieve both and the hike in dollar over the years seem like a threat to achieving these goals. So the question on an average Nigerian’s mind and probably yours is

  1. How do these changes (inflation rate & dollar spike) affect our everyday life and choices?
  2. how do we secure our funds and grow our wealth against the biting effect of the dollar hike especially as it doesn’t show any sign of dropping considerably?

Well if you ask us, we’ll just tell you to “Invest in real estate”

Why do we emphasise the need to invest in real estate?

In the words of the famous Armstrong Williams – “Real Estate provides the highest returns, the greatest values and the least risk”. Come to think of it, real estate only appreciates over time and it never loses value. The longer you wait for it to appreciate, the more value it accrues to you plus you can make it do more than just lay fallow and at Flapcoop, that is exactly what we’re doing.

Agrolandvest: More Than Just A Landed Property

Agrolandvest = Land ownership + Agriculture

With the Agrolandvest initiative, Flapcoop offers more than just the real estate with the “rental income” offer which allows a land owner to earn whilst the land appreciates thereby maximising and securing the landowner’s investment over time.  Whilst the landowner waits for his property to appreciate, Flapcoop puts the land to good use by engaging in agricultural practices thereby guaranteeing your rental income.

So the value doesn’t only come after your land has appreciated, you also get value for the period you waited for it to appreciate!… isn’t that just awesome?. So either the dollar hikes or not, your property appreciates, you get paid for the waiting period, your funds are secure  and your wealth grows.

It is on this premise that we now present to you – “AGROLANDVEST 2.0”. If you were part of Agrolandvest 1.0 which ended in July , you’re probably counting the days until your first rental income of 40%; don’t worry, we’re just as excited and counting with you too!… and If you are yet to be part of the Agrolandvest initiative, another opportunity has come:

Click here to join the Agrolandvest 2.0 initiative so you can also countdown to your first rental income payment!

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