Palm Tree Farming Trends Over Crude Oil

PalmRich Estate

In recent years, Crude oil boom has given way to food oil boom.

Many countries are reducing dependency on crude oil to depend more on renewable energy. But can dependency on food ever reduce? Today farming has taken Centre stage due to population growth and the highest yielding cash crops is Oil Palm.

Palm tree produces edible Palm oil as well as Palm kernel oil. Palm oil is considered as the golden Palm due to its high yielding capacity. With this same Palm fruits, you can produce other consumable goods. Such as, Soap, Cream, Broom e.t.c.

Own a Palm oil farm in PalmRich Estate.

PalmRich Estate is an unusual concept of our Land Rental Income initiative designed to encourage individuals or groups to own and earn from high yielding cash crop Estate while waiting for development in the area that will ultimately transform the Estate to residential Estate over time.

PalmRich Estate is located at Ketu Epe, Lagos. The concept behind this estate is to acquire land at a cheaper rate, grow the land to becoming a long term wealth until the land develops into a residential area.
A similar concept could be traced to Lekki and Magodo transformation.

Few years ago, Lekki and Magodo were thick forests you wouldn’t like to live in. But farming activities were going on in one form or another. Along the line, Smart people had good plans to secure such land with less than a million naira. Today Magodo and Lekki are been sold for N150-200million per plot of land.

Now, just like the beautiful story of Lekki and Magodo transformation, Epe is the fastest growing community in West Africa with the highest surge of industrial, academic and government infrastructural developments. Another opportunity to buy cheap and earn financial security in the nearest future is unfolding.

Secure a unit of Palmrich Estate for your children or as a retirement plan for yourself today with only N700,000.

How it works:
1. Own unit of land in Epe,Lagos ( fastest developing residential and industrial hub in Africa
2. Own a part of the oil field PalmRich Estate
3. The Palm tree setup is done by Assetrise using our expertise and human resources at no extra cost from your land purchase
4. You earn up to 80% profit if you decide to sell back to us in 36 months (3years)
5. You can decide to harvest your Palm trees or rent to Assetrise with a management agreement to earn Rental Income Per annum

Advantages of Palm Tree Cultivation:
6. Palm tree yields the highest edible oil among the other oil crops. It yields 4 to 5 tonnes of oil per acre
7. Palm oil is Traded Internationally, which means it is a profitable and exportable product.
8. Oil Palm is a hardy crop. It has low pest and disease incident
9. It provides loads of local and skilled employment
10. It creates financial stability for over 50 years of harvest per annum

1. You have the privilege of buying the future cheap
2. Create wealth from land ownership plus palm tree farming while waiting for value appreciation
3. You join a community of people adding to the non-oil export products in Nigeria.
4. Your Land enjoys the security of an Estate.
5. Earn rental income from renting your Palm tree farm.

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