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To live a wealthy and fulfilled life, you must embrace one fact: you’ll never achieve wealth and financial stability on salary alone. You need a sustainable passive income to guarantee a fulfilled life, not just for you but your unborn generations.

The current state of the economy threatens the survival of salary earners, especially as a result of inflation figures which reached 21.34% in December of 2022.

Apart from the fact that salaries are no longer able to sustain individuals and their families, another adverse effect of this is the problem that retirees are faced with as a result of the failure of the traditional pension scheme in addition to the inflation rates, which renders their pension almost useless.

Over the years, the management of pension schemes in Nigeria has been inundated by multiple and diverse problems arising from which retirement became dreaded by workers, especially in the public service.

This has led to what we now know today as THE FEAR OF RETIREMENT among Nigerians, as the period ushers in a life of hardship and uncertainty. The true question we should all ask ourselves is, “CAN I LIVE A FUFILLED LIFE AND ENJOY RETIREMENT?”

Why shouldn’t you, when you can earn sustainable passive income upon retirement with oil palm tree farming?

Oil Palm is an incredibly efficient crop, producing more oil per land area than any other equivalent vegetable oil crop such as soybeans or coconut palms. Globally, palm oil supplies 40% of the world’s vegetable oil demand on just under 6% of the land used to produce all vegetable oils.

This makes it an efficient and profitable use of land. The economic value of palm oil translates into jobs, huge revenues, and passive income.

In Nigeria, Oil Palm is no longer a product of mere gathering by people who rely on rainforests for a living. Oil palm cultivation has turned into a lucrative and expanding business. However, like any other venture, it requires good management, monitoring, and experience in cultivating the product.

With a team that boasts of a cumulative oil palm cultivation experience of over ten years and presently operating over 245 acres of Palm tree farm and oil processing mill (with a capacity of over 10,000 tonnes) in partnership with Okitipupa Oil Palm Plc, Flapcoop provides you with an avenue to earn a salary for life or passive income upon retirement through Palm Tree farming.

Their real estate experience in land acquisition and property development in Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, and Ondo cuts across 12 estates estimated at over 1,500 acres of land. They are also the proud pioneers of Palmrich Estate – the first development of a community-owned Palm tree Estate and the biggest Oil Palm tree Farm in Lagos state Nigeria.

Palmrich Estate, a project by Assetrise – Powered by Flapcoop, is envisioned to develop a larger community of Oil Palm trees estate landlords as a means of providing sustainable passive income, retirement plans, and trans-generational real estate assets/trust funds for dependents. Watch video below.

The organization is on a mission to solve Nigeria’s food crisis with innovations that convert the problem to a national empowerment solution owned by individuals while creating wealth for our community from Oil Palm tree value chain production.

Over the years, Flapcoop has been able to achieve tremendous success and controls a substantial market share in the oil palm market in Nigeria.

As the topic above implies, sustainable passive and retirement income is NOT a GET RICH QUICK model, but a deliberate and informed decision that anyone should make.

We have professionally packaged a detailed and well-researched E-Book created by Professor Micheal Oladun, Barrister Folorusho Fadairo, and Ojamamoye Oluwadurotimi. The E-Book provides information on all you need to know about sustainable passive income and serves as a guide for individuals and corporate organizations to make Oil Palm tree farming and production their source for a sustainable passive income and the best retirement income plan.

To download the E-Book (FREE for the first 50 persons) Click HERE. Downloading a copy of the E-Book also reserves your slot for an international online conference with the theme: SUSTAINABLE PASSIVE INCOME AND RETIREMENT PLAN VIA OIL PALM TREE FARMING with notable authorities as facilitators.

For more information, Call +234 (0) 906 0051 636

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