Top Selling Real Estate Companies in Nigeria.

The Real Estate industry has proven to be the safest and surest investment in Nigeria. From a report by a Tribune reporter, Dayo Ayeyemi, apparently impressed by 2021 growth of the real estate industry, practitioners are of the opinion that the sector will perform better in 2022, being an election year. 

Statistics show that the real estate sector posted 3.85 per cent growth in the second quarter of 2021, representing its highest growth in six years. In the third quarter of 2021, the sector expanded by 10 per cent, despite the harsh economy and the rising cost of building materials. 

You may wonder how but here it is;

Different real estate companies have introduced diverse means of investment opportunities to sustain the inflow of cash aside from the real estate properties; Product  of Estates, Lands and Houses for sale.

Flapcoop, a top selling real estate company in Nigeria runs many schemes to make real estate a swift sailing industry, which are;

Estate Development Partnership: Estate Development Partnership enables you to invest in Real Estate at ease, you don’t need to bother with the hectic processes and huge amount required to invest in Real Estate.

Flapcoop simply partners with you to buy and sell lands for Smart Cities and Estate developments projects, while you earn good returns on the value appreciation plus your capital in 12 months or more duration as desired.

AgroLandvest: With Agrolandvest, you don’t need to bother with the hectic processes and huge amounts required to invest, own and earn from Real Estate and Agriculture.

Agrolandvest is a secured and smart initiative that supports individuals or groups to buy, own, sell or rent lands for agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial Estate.

Buy and own lands in rapidly developing communities, earn rental income from Agrolandvest project while waiting to build.

Cooperative: Today, The Federal Government is working with cooperatives to implement welfare schemes and Flap Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited is licensed by the Lagos State Ministry of commerce, trade and cooperatives.

If you desire a smarter, safer and affordable way to save and earn good returns to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams instead of keeping your money in the bank, join Flapcoop today!

Palm Oil Vest: Palm Oil price rises steadily round the year hence the price can rise over 60% as we witnessed in 2021 prices rose from (25 litres keg N8,500 February to N25,000 by December) palm oil market study of over 50 years has shown a yearly steady increase in out of peak production seasons.

Presently, there is an ongoing activation for 2022 palm oil investors aim to help partners earn passive income from palm oil trade from cultivation, production, and distribution of palm oil and other palm tree products to both local and international markets for domestic and industrial consumption. 

By taking advantage of the production circle of the palm tree which gives potential partners the advantage to earn up to 30% profit in 10 months by buying at low prices and selling at the increased price at off-peak.

Why FlapCoop

In order to place strategic partnership with reliable individual and corporate stakeholders, we have a community with over 500 members who are: 

  • Provided with landed or built property ownership  and lasting opportunities. Having access to real estate development partnership that helps you accomplish more with their resources and gives you the access to expand and increase your real estate portfolio.
  • Encouraged to save towards assets acquisition and farming as a means of wealth creation.
  • Provided with secured and high yielding agriculture opportunities.

Learn more about our membership plan:

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With FlapCoop – you can own, invest and earn from Real Estate and Agriculture.

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